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Here is a list of your testimonials: Not by power, nor by might but by His Spirit says the Lord..

Merry Christmas Pastor Ij. When I take stock of my life,I always appreciate how precious and impactful u've been to me. God bless u beyond measure in Jesus name. Amen!
- Dr. Ify

Thank you Pastor,

I am truly thankful when I have such great women like you to look up to I see you and your kindness and warmth and christlike ways, truly you are blessed my dear sister.

Dear Pastor IJ

Absolutely, I feel such a connection to you. You wiil do greatness as always, for you are so annointed, your such a blessing that wherever you go, whatever your hand touches will prosper. You will do great. God bless you.

El Paso

I am so grateful for you

Your an inspiration to us all!!. And you bring me to tears that in everything, you still give of yourself. Truly my dearest, you are so blessed, Love you Sister!

El Paso

Pastor IJ

Good morning and God bless you! I was thinking of you and wanted to tell you (You probably know this) that you're a blessing to all who know you. You and the women's conference has been such a blessing and strength in my life. I am grateful that God Almighty put you in my path. Great is He who lives in you and me. There is so much grace surrounding you, it humbles me. Your my hero, you are a wife, mother and professional. I only wish the Fire of my Lord would have ignited in me sooner, ohhh the greatness that I would have achieved! (I know I still can, He is working in me) God bless you today and always! Love you.

El Paso

Testimony from a Sister; SC

People need to hear that God can be particular about His Children. I've always known God had His eyes on me but I can't help wonder why He singles me out all the time for His attention. I wore a blue and purple top with a purple Skirt to work today. Funny that I have not worn that outfit in about a year. I was just shocked that the description the woman of God gave was that precise. I receive the word and believe me, I needed to hear it from Him. Thanks for being a willing vessel. Have a blessed night.

South Carolina