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Dr (s) Enoch and Ijeoma {IJ} Agunanne are ordained ministers as well as medical doctors. They are blessed with 4 lovely children: 2 boys and 2 girls. They are the founders of Jesus Club International and pastoring Royal Dimension Church, El Paso Texas.

Ijeoma Agunanne is the Co-Founder Jesus Club International and One SMART Chick, 3 Dimensional Women Conference held yearly in the United States.  A woman honored by God with Multiple degrees; MD, MPH, MBBS, Ph.D, BCMAS. She is a board certified Medical Affairs specialist.

Dr. IJ became totally sold out to God at a very young age. She has been pastoring for over 28 years now. Pastor IJ as fondly called by many is a Medical Doctor and is currently working as a Clinical Research Consultant. She is a woman on fire for God and has been touching lives across the globe through various TV ministrations, teaching, preaching, biblical mentoring engagement and various invitations to churches and organizations. Her books include (Marriage Extraordinaire; Do not lose sight of your Expectations; I am one Smart Chick;  The Reversed Protocol and SHIFT-The Divine Move; The Billionaire Woman, Be You, Detained Miracle, The Offended). She is also a motivational speaker and well sought after. She is blessed to be married to her Soul mate, Dr. Enoch Agunanne who is also a Medical Doctor, author, Pastor, seasoned preacher of the word and a Scientist. They are the founders of Jesus Club International. They are blessed with 4 lovely children; Debra, Gabriel, Gabriella and Enoch Jr. For more information on her ministry, please got to:

Dr Enoch spiritual journey with the Lord dates back to when he was 11 years. Since then, it has been “forwards ever, backward never.” He has had the privilege of serving God in various capacities. He pastored in the largest Evangelical student Christian group in the world, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He operates in the office of Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher as well as the Prophetic realm. He is a well-sought after TV Preacher in Central Texas. Dr Enoch firmly believes in being successful in every area of life. He is an accomplished medical practitioner and scientist, with multiple publications in renowned medical journals. He has been specially invited to present his research findings by many medical societies and organizations. He unrepentantly believes in the Scriptures that state we should be the head, not the tail. He has won lots of National and Regional medical awards, both here in the USA as well as internationally.  He insistently believes that you can do all things, including the impossible, through the power of the Lord.